Peoria Warehouse District

Peoria’s Warehouse District is a historic industrial district located to the southwest of downtown Peoria, containing warehouses and other industrial structures built from the 1880s through the 1920s.  A reminder of a glorious industrial past and a tribute to Peoria’s heritage, this area includes some of the largest and most iconic buildings in Peoria.  These magnificent buildings, long vacant, are being transformed into residential lofts, condominiums, art studios, office, and retail space, and the entire district is becoming a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use, active urban neighborhood.  

Common Ground contributed to this transformation, beginning with work on its form-based code.  After the completion of the code, we worked on plans for the Warehouse District’s main spine, Washington Street, to promote a balanced street supportive of redevelopment, as well as the redesign and reconstruction of 22 blocks of streets, intersections, utilities, bikeways, transit accommodations, and sidewalks within the Warehouse District as a whole.  The intent of the improvements is to promote a walkable environment that will support the redevelopment of the 185-acre district into an urban, mixed-use neighborhood.

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