Pike Road

The Town of Pike Road is a small, mostly rural community southeast of Montgomery, Alabama. The Town incorporated in 1997 to avoid annexation by the city of Montgomery.

In an effort to preserve its rural character and promote a more sustainable pattern of growth, the Town adopted the SmartCode in 2004.  The SmartCode allows for a more mixed-use, compact and pedestrian-friendly form of development while attempting to preserve natural features and agricultural lands.  With no formal planning agency at the time, the town hired Common Ground to educate, plan and illustrate the benefits of a SmartCode approach to development. We have assisted developers and property owners on a variety of projects to help realize their vision for their property within the guidelines of the SmartCode. We have maintained an ongoing relationship with the Town through a remote Design Studio service, whereby we assist in the review of development proposals and develop new concept plans as needed.

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Pike Road, Alabama