The Flats

Common Ground was the lead urban designer to develop a Preliminary Urban Design Framework for an existing affordable housing development adjacent to downtown Wilmington known as the Flats.  

The Flats, overseen by the nonprofit Woodlawn Trustees, has been providing housing for "people of modest means" since it was constructed from 1902 to 1913, and is home to about 1,750 people.  Despite being well-maintained and having various upgrades, the neighborhood lacked the amenities of more modern housing, so we explored the possibilities for improving the development while respecting the character of the neighborhood and surrounding areas.  The first phases of development are under construction, and the entire neighborhood will be redeveloped in seven phases over 10+ years.  

"The entire project is evidence of positive movement in the neighborhood and economic development," said Mayor Dennis Williams, who called the redevelopment a "historic transformational project." —The New York Times

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Wilmington, Delaware


adopted 2013


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