zoning & regulations


Conventional, use-based zoning was developed to address concerns for public health, welfare, and safety, but the ability of this system to address aesthetics, appearance, and the visual aspects of our communities has proven to be limited for nearly 100 years.  Recently, the field of Planning has begun to return to considering design as an important element of how to guide the growth and development of cities.  As planners and urban designers, Common Ground has a unique ability to research and analyze communities in order to develop an understanding of a place’s unique characteristics and develop zoning that reinforces a community’s character.  
Whether it’s a form-based code or an update to an existing zoning code or design regulations, we work to develop the best solutions to create zoning that considers the quality of the built environment as much as the physical distribution of uses and functions.  

Our zoning services include:

  • Form-Based and Hybrid Codes at every scale:  Neighborhoods, Corridors, Downtowns, Greyfields, Greenfields, City and County-wide
  • Conventional Zoning Code Updates
  • Design Guidelines and Standards

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