philosophy + approach



community participation

Urban design and community planning are primarily focused on creating places that enhance everyday life. How can these places be created without input from the community from the beginning to the end of the project? We don't rely solely on facts and figures. We engage neighbors, property owners, activists, and public officials to gain a comprehensive assessment of local social, environmental, and economic issues. Because it is rooted in each community's unique assets and aspirations, this approach creates quality places that contribute to people's health, happiness, and well being. 


understanding context

Good design always arises from a thorough and caring understanding of place and context. The process for understanding a particular project's context involves three elements. First, we assess the physical characteristics of the site and the area surrounding the site in terms of constraints, opportunities and capacity for development. Second, we assess how an area performs in terms of general urban design principles. Finally, we review and analyze local regulations that might impact the design, development, or transformation of the area. 


no two places are alike

We have worked all over the country, and we have learned a lot. One of the most important things that we have learned is that just because something worked in one place, does not mean that it will work in another. This is what makes Understanding Context so important. Every place has its own unique context. We develop designs and plans that are uniquely suited for each individual project that we undertake.